1. I awkwardly excused myself from a conversation yesterday by saying I had to go look at some flowers in the backyard, but it occurs to me that this is maybe actually the best excuse ever.

  2. Guess who tried to make orange juice today?

  3. Exploring.


  5. Chipotle has this thing (or used to have this thing, I don’t know if they still do) where if you dress like a burrito on Halloween you can get a free burrito. So the first year I heard about this I went with a coworker and wrapped myself in tinfoil like everyone else, and when I got there there was an immense line, very cramped, very hurried, and I didn’t want to hold up my part of the line any longer than necessary, so when I got to the counter I sort of barked out my order and when they handed me my free burrito I took it an ran, and immediately felt terrible about it. So the next Halloween, a full year later, I’m still thinking about this, so when I went with my brother, I was very conscientious about smiling and saying thanks and being pleasant to the people working behind the counter, and when my brother caught up to me after he’d gotten his order he thought the cashier must have flirted with me or something because I had this ridiculous shit-eating grin still frozen on my face, but really I was just trying to be nice.

  6. I was going to just pre-order La Roux’s new album but amazon clearly has its shit together.

  7. Cutie.


  9. I was honestly going to quit this blog and move all my stuff to other, more specialized platforms, but then I had a good long look through my followers and was just like, no.  Too many good times on here and too many cool people.  Why did I ever stop hanging out here.

  10. Three ducks