1. Accidental cosplay.

  2. Faceless.

  3. Evening.

  4. Dead but ongoing, structures differently collapsing.

  5. More ripples.

  6. Wetlands at Wegerzyn Gardens.

  7. Toddle.

  8. secretlymartinfreeman:

    my friend’s brother is trying to get rid of his couch and he posted this to craigslist i’m laughing so hard

    My couch is tumblr famous.

  9. I lose shelf pegs

    So I moved recently, and lo and behold my bookcase (or CD shelf case, rather) turned up a few pegs shy, leaving me with two shelves sans support. But, upon closer examination of the peg-holes, I realized they were a familiar size.

    Yup, they’re the same gauge as those cheap disposable chopsticks you get with Chinese takeout.

    A few strokes of the keyhole saw later and I was ready to go.

    This is the ingenuity that colonized America, people.

    Perfect. And if I ever lose these in the next move, all I have to do is order takeout (which, let’s face it, is pretty much anyone’s go-to anyway when moving.)


  10. flaneurinterviews:

    imageIt’s impossible to spend any amount of time in the alt lit scene without encountering Andrea Coates. I first talked to her several years ago about her then-novel-in-progress, and was intrigued by the work’s scope and her purpose in writing it. Today Andrea discusses her book, current divergent approaches to feminism, VICE magazine, American Apparel, and what it’s like to write fiction as social protest.