1. secretlymartinfreeman:

    my friend’s brother is trying to get rid of his couch and he posted this to craigslist i’m laughing so hard

    My couch is tumblr famous.

  2. I lose shelf pegs

    So I moved recently, and lo and behold my bookcase (or CD shelf case, rather) turned up a few pegs shy, leaving me with two shelves sans support. But, upon closer examination of the peg-holes, I realized they were a familiar size.

    Yup, they’re the same gauge as those cheap disposable chopsticks you get with Chinese takeout.

    A few strokes of the keyhole saw later and I was ready to go.

    This is the ingenuity that colonized America, people.

    Perfect. And if I ever lose these in the next move, all I have to do is order takeout (which, let’s face it, is pretty much anyone’s go-to anyway when moving.)


  3. flaneurinterviews:

    imageIt’s impossible to spend any amount of time in the alt lit scene without encountering Andrea Coates. I first talked to her several years ago about her then-novel-in-progress, and was intrigued by the work’s scope and her purpose in writing it. Today Andrea discusses her book, current divergent approaches to feminism, VICE magazine, American Apparel, and what it’s like to write fiction as social protest.


  4. When I wrote American Paranoid Restaurant three years ago, I didn’t anticipate things going this far this quickly.

  5. I have literally never met claeswar, have no idea who he(?) is and have never had any substantial interaction with them but sometimes I’ll post something and think ‘claeswar will like this’ and yup. hi claes yr cool we should hang if yr ever in dayton.


  6. Idea: artisanally broken-in headphones—a given piece of music, preferably something from a cult album, is played repeatedly and at great length through the headphones prior to their sale, fundamentally altering their frequency response and ‘coloring’ their future playback in light of the spectral qualities of the initial piece of music.

  7. Follow up to that last post: it’s also totally possible to add eggnog to granola and make an alcoholic parfait. I’m not saying you should do it or anything, just that it’s an option.

  8. Well now that I’ve figured out how to make homemade granola my breakfasts are just never going to be the same.


  9. "Most of our heartbreak comes from attempting to name who or what we love and the way we love, too early in the vulnerable journey of discovery. We can never know in the beginning, in giving ourselves to a person, to a work, to a marriage or to a cause, exactly what kind of love we are involved with. When we demand a certain specific kind of reciprocation before the revelation has flowered completely we find our selves disappointed and bereaved and in that grief may miss the particular form of love that is actually possible but that did not meet our initial and too specific expectations. Feeling bereft we take our identity as one who is disappointed in love, our almost proud disappointment preventing us from seeing the lack of reciprocation from the person or the situation as simply a difficult invitation into a deeper and as yet unrecognizable form of affection. The act of loving itself, always becomes a path of humble apprenticeship, not only in following its difficult way and discovering its different forms of humility and beautiful abasement but strangely, through its fierce introduction to its many astonishing and different forms, where we are asked continually and against our will, to give in so many different ways, without knowing exactly, or in what way, when or how, the mysterious gift will be returned."

    -David Whyte

  10. Late summer, now a distant memory.