1. I wrote this a while ago for an anthology that ultimately didn’t take it, so if you were in the mood for reading a 15-page essay on a TV show that’s no longer on the air, click on.

  4. flaneurinterviews:

    Hey I did this interview with Noah Cicero a while ago but never reblogged it here, here ya go friends.
  5. STILL haven’t managed to coax tomatoes from pots, but at least I have enough peppers for salsa, should the tomatoes ever come in. #gardening

  7. Making some new people-friends, hanging out with old plant-friends.


  8. Making a move.

    Hello friends,

    I’m probably going to be migrating my photos over to flickr in the near future. I may still dump photos here, like I do with Instagram, and this will still be a periodically-updated stream-of-consciousness catch-all, but the bulk of the *erhem* capital-P photography will be over here on flickr.


  9. So Chipotle has this ‘author series’ of bags with mini essays on the back by various writers, and I really like George Saunders but never got the bag by him, so my gf, who works at Chipotle, went thru all the bags at closing time and brought me one.

  10. I awkwardly excused myself from a conversation yesterday by saying I had to go look at some flowers in the backyard, but it occurs to me that this is maybe actually the best excuse ever.