1. Along the river.


  2. Hey guys. I wrote a thing. I was originally going to combine this novella with two or three other novellas into one book, but I’m working on a new project right now that’s requiring all of my mental effort, so I’m putting this one segment out here as-is.

    It’s a standalone piece, about 95 pages long, and titled Transit Authority.

    I like Whit Stillman’s phrase, ‘doomed bourgeoisie in love,’ (used to describe some of his movies) so I’m going to use that phrase to describe my own work, although I think I’m using it for very different reasons.

    If you read my image macros or tweets, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t like my tweets and such you’ll probably really dislike this.

    Anyway, you can download it here.

  3. Favorite shaman.

  4. Many times, in the midst of a too-deep caffeine binge, I have gazed into the calm, rheumy eyes of Dr. Crestshaw and felt an immense peace.

    #coffee #dayton #presscoffeebar (at Press)

  5. I like my hair today, okay?


  6. I used to want to have a video blog called Pensees, after the book by Blaise Pascal, but I wasn’t sure how to pronounce “pensees.” Or “Blaise Pascal.”

  7. A few in my collection.


  8. I wrote this a while ago for an anthology that ultimately didn’t take it, so if you were in the mood for reading a 15-page essay on a TV show that’s no longer on the air, click on.